Romantic Comedy Movie Posters Get Face-Swapped

Ah, the Internet. Some call it the home of the world’s most depraved minds, but we like to think of them as the most creative. For instance, earlier this week, Imgur posted a gallery of posters for some of the most recognized and – let’s face it – worst romantic comedy films ever made, but some deviant Internuts (trademarked) played a little game of face swap with the old Photoshop.
I searched high and low on the Googles and Reddits to find the dastardly misfits responsible for these delightful works of art, but their identities remain a mystery*. I did, however, find this terrifying face swap of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and these random face swaps of Dark Shadows posters, but that was about it.
You can view the posters after the jump.

(*If you know who made these, let me know so I can attribute them properly, unlike other jerks out there.)