Well it’s about time Sean Penn got political

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08.19.10 19 Comments

Here we have the first trailer for Fair Game, starring Naomi Watts as Valerie Plame and Sean Penn as Joe Wilson, directed by Doug “Uncle Touchy” Liman. This looks Valerie LAME, amirite?  High five? …Guys? Look, it’s not that the true story of a CIA agent getting outed by the government (a potentially life-threatening situation) for refusing to lie for them isn’t inherently dramatic, it’s definitely got more drama than, say, the story of the Facebook guy, it’s just that we already know that she’s fine.  Hell, she wrote the damn book.  It’s a little hard to take that much drama and heroic music in an autobiographical story.  “Yeah, so then I was all like, ‘DID. YOU. ORDER. THE CODE RED!” and he was all, ‘YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I DID!’ and then I kissed Demi Moore and the crowd went wild.  I’m telling you, I was the best fruity midget JAG lawyer the Navy had ever seen.”

They went all Social Network with this one when they probably would’ve been better off going the Burn After Reading/Wag the Dog route.  By the way, I still say “Wag the Dong” would make a great porn parody title.  Starring Naomi Twattz.

Obvious Mash Up Idea:
NAOMI WATTS AS VALERIE PLAME: “You can’t break me. I have no breaking point.”


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