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02.04.09 24 Comments

Hey, wanna see my impression of Keira Knightley?

Back when fake Warner Bros spokesman guy started, I never expected him to get so much mileage out of such a narrowly targeted schtick (see also his response to Batman, Turkey).  But here he is, back with a new video (below) in response to the Christian Bale tirade.  And he has something very important to say to all you haters out there.

“Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, American Psycho – what do these films have in common? They’re all films where Christian Bale plays himself, you cocksuckers.  You think having a circus clown mother and years of steroids does nothing to the rage that builds inside of you?  You better run, run and pray Christian Bale can’t find you.”

I find a good solution for nasty rage buildup is Metamucil.  Metamucil and raquetball.

[thanks to Comedy.com]

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