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04.26.10 19 Comments

Pictured: A family and their home-made Twilight Halloween costumes. Not pictured: A father figure.

Okay, guys, don’t freak out, but I have some business to attend to tomorrow, so I must leave you in the small-and-feminine, yet-surprisingly-capable hands of my hetero life partners Burnsy and Chodin.  They’ll be watching you for the morning, and I told them your routine, so don’t try any of that Vince-always-feeds-us-candy-canes-and-espresso-for-breakfast business with them.  You’ll eat your toothpaste sandwiches or you’ll starve, just like always.  But don’t freak out, I promise I’ll be back late afternoon.  Think of this as just like the time your dad went out for a pack of cigarettes.  Wait, bad example.

[banner pic via Lamebook.  In other sad Twilight picture news, Jirish sent me this:]

I sincerely hope that's Stephenie Meyer.

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