Family of critically-injured Transformers extra sues

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Last I heard about Gabriela Cedillo, the 24-year-old Transformers 3 extra who was left in critical condition after a cable sliced through her skull in a set accident last month, Paramount had agreed to pay for her medical bills.  It was the right thing to do, but unfortunately Cedillo didn’t hear about it because she was and presumably is still in a coma.  “They periodically remove the ventilator and she can sometimes breathe on her own,” said a family spokesman at the time.

Not surprisingly, paying her medical bills probably isn’t going to cut it.

The family says in a lawsuit that Cedillo is permanently brain-damaged.
The suit was filed Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court and blames negligence by the makers of the movie.
“Gabriela suffered a severe open head trauma,” said her lawyer, Todd A. Smith.
Cedillo was among 80 extras and was driving her own car in the westbound lanes of a vacated part of Cline Avenue for the stunt, according to the lawsuit.
While she and the others were driving, stunt vehicles were being towed by flatbed trucks in the opposite lanes at 50 mph, the suit states.
The stunt called for two of the towed vehicles to rise in the air and then flip “by use of a pulling cable with the idea being to cause violent rolls of the cars involved,” her lawyers said.
On the day of the accident, a cable and bracket attached to the bottom of a stunt car closest to Cedilla and the other extras snapped, the lawyers said.
The vehicle became “airborne into the oncoming lanes, striking Ms. Cedillo’s hood, windshield and eventually her head,” the lawyers said.
Among other issues, the lawsuit alleges that movie officials were negligent through faulty welding and the design of the bracket and allowed extras to be too close to the stunt.  [BostonHerald]

Still no word on the amount the family is suing for, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s a lot.  Hopefully she doesn’t blow it all on fancy sheets and gem-encrusted feeding tubes.  My, this is an uplifting story, isn’t it?  Director Michael Bay was not named in the suit, but it appears he has nonetheless begun to cut down on luxury items out of respect, like collars for his shirts.

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