Miles Teller And Josh Trank Reportedly Dared Each Other To A Fist Fight During ‘Fantastic Four’

Punchable? Moi?

The long, curious saga of the filming of Fantastic Four continues — long past the relevance of the movie itself — with new rumors trickling out as people involved in the reportedly difficult production leak stories to the press. The movie had a terrible opening weekend and may lose $60 million by some estimates. We’ve already rounded up some of the rumors about tensions on the set, but now we’re hearing even more about the clash between director Josh Trank and Esquire‘s favorite interview subject Miles Teller.

As we’ve already heard, Fox reportedly didn’t want to cast Teller as Reed Richards, but Trank fought hard for his pick. Once on set, however, the rumor goes that the two were so incompatible that they nearly got in a fist fight. Reports Entertainment Weekly and Yahoo:

Trank and Teller did not get along on the set of the film; Trank was allegedly withdrawn during production, and Teller is frequently sarcastic, making for a bad combination. Things got so bad at one point, in fact, that Trank and Teller’s disagreement brought them chest-to-chest, daring one another to throw the first punch. […] Neither man actually ended up throwing a punch.

It’d be a lot cooler if they did.

We also have an EXCLUSIVE GIF REENACTMENT of the event:

In related news, this reminds us of a rumor from last week:

Days before Fantastic Four opened, director Josh Trank sent an email to some members of the cast and crew to say he was proud of the film, which, he wrote, was “better than 99 percent of the comic-book movies ever made.”

“I don’t think so,” responded one castmember.

We’re going to take a wiiiild guess which castmember sent that email. And we guess the movie was not his tempo.

(Via Yahoo, Entertainment Weekly, and The Hollywood Reporter)