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01.15.09 54 Comments

More like Mich-yell Rodriguez, am I right? High five? Anyone?

The new 4 Fast 4 Furious trailer hit the web today (watch it below), and I’m definitely digging the parkour-y cholo chase scene.  Between people crashing through windows and watching Paul Walker try to act*, it’s pretty exciting.  From there, Soldja Boy plays, hoes get supermanned, and Vin Diesel and Hardcore Rodriguez come face to face with a flaming, out of control gas tanker.  Rodriguez is all, “Dom?  Dom?” and then Vin Diesel guns the engine and drives straight for it! Because the only way to escape an extreme situation is to… BE MORE EXTREME!!!  AND WHEN THE GOING GETS XXXTREME, THE XXXTREME GET… MORE XXXXXXTREEEEMER!!!!!  OOO WHA-AA AA AA!!!!

*Talk about a car wreck!

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