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04.01.08 44 Comments

I clicked on this Variety article announcing the sale of disFigured expecting to find an article about more Screen Gems horror trash for the WWE crowd.  Instead I found something far more sinister.

The film is about an overweight woman who befriends, through a Fat Acceptance Group, a real estate agent recovering from anorexia.  "With [Distributor] Cinema Libre, we hope to work with groups that support awareness of size diversity issues and would like to set up special screenings of the film across the country this summer," said [Director Glenn] Gers [who previously wrote Mad Money].

Look, bro, if I wanted to see a movie about fat acceptance, I wouldn’t be wearing this "No Fat Chicks" t-shirt… actually, I suppose it’s more of a onesie.  Anyway, fat chicks + creative cApiTalIZaTiOn + writer of Mad Money = no thanks.  

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