Frotcast 261: The Fat Jew, Ashley Madison, And YouTube Prank Videos With Jane Harrison

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Jane Harrison joins Matt Lieb and I in the Frotquarters for an all-comedian Frotcast about The Fat Jew, the Ashley Madison hack, heckler videos, and the awful, awful phenomenon of YouTube prank videos. Plus, your emails, and the return of “Jewish John Lennon.”


2:17 – We talk about that “comedian destroys heckler!” video that was going around and why it’s kind of bullsh*t.

14:45 – We talk about the pogrom against the Fat Jew (Matt agrees with the outrage but worries people are pronouncing Fat Jew’s name with a hard J). Jane brings up an interesting Tosh comparison.

32:10 – Child actors with speech impediments! I brought a few clips for Jane and Matt to see if they find this phenomenon as terrible as I do. I find it patronizing and infuriating.

44:34 – Matt Lieb reads us his tweets he thinks should’ve gotten more retweets.

49:18 – The return of “Jewish John Lennon.”

55:50 – The Ashley Madison hack, Josh Duggar, and the viral miscarriage couple getting hacked

1:00:15 – The strange, awful phenomenon of YouTube prank videos, including the Russian guy who call random black people the N-word, and all the idiots who ask people a dumb sex pun.

1:16:00 – We answer your emails, including a follow-up from the guy who was worried his girlfriend was going to bang some guy in Europe, a story about gay Aussie sex mishaps, and a request for herpes advice.

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