FD Frotcast Episode 7: Rob Huebel, Comic-Con, Olivia Munn’s Book

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07.30.10 52 Comments

Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, and Nick Kroll at the Children's Hospital Comic-Con panel. (Original picture has been slightly altered)

Greetings, Drunkards.  I don’t like to toot my own wiener, but I think this might be our best Frotcast to date.  If you’ve never listened to one before, now might be a good time to bust your cherry.  So, after a hilarious Children’s Hospital panel at Comic-Con (great show, incidentally), I scored an interview with Rob Huebel (Children’s Hospital, The Other Guys, Human Giant, guest spots on The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc. etc.).  Incredibly, I did so using almost NO BLACKMAIL.  We went on to discuss:

  • The Children’s Hospital “outtakes reel” which turned out to be five minutes or so of graphic footage from actual surgeries
  • Which comedian does the most drugs
  • What Malin Akerman’s hair smells like
  • Whether an anime fleshlight can accurately mimic the feel of a cartoon’s vagina.

You might notice that I let Rob Huebel have all of the funny lines.  That’s because I am A PROFESSIONAL.  I sucked it up and played the straight man role so as not to harm his FRAGILE ACTOR’S EGO.  [interview begins at 1:30 and goes until the 29-minute mark.]

After that, I regaled Ben and Brendan with stories of Comic-Con, and at around the 56-minute mark, we discuss the majesty that is Olivia Munn’s book.  SPOILER ALERT: She really does think nerds are sexy, you guys.

  • Listen:

Trailer for the latest season of Children’s Hospital:

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