Feature-length, fan-made remake of Footloose pwns Hollywood

Want to watch a feature-length, fan-made remake of Footloose? While I admit that my initial answer to this question would normally be a resounding “no, thanks,” even a hater like myself had to admit that this was a cool idea. It seems some amateur filmmakers were so upset about the prospect of a Hollywood Footloose remake that they decided to take things into their own hands. Yes, precisely, just like I do with my wang.

We’ve all spent lots of time atop our film-loving high horses bemoaning the Hollywood studios’ tendency to take our favourite classic films, change the script, add some 17-year-old Disney stars to the cast and release them as summer blockbusters year after year. When was the last time we thought to do anything about it, though?

Upon hearing that the 1984 classic Footloose was being remade by Hustle and Flow director Craig Brewer [after tiny dog enthusiast Kenny Ortega dropped out] for a 2010 release [first with Hollywood twink Zac Efron, later with Hollywood super twink Chace Crawford], David Seger and Tim Marklevitz—two film-savvy pals from Los Angeles—decided to rally together 58 of their film-making friends to re-create the 54 scenes from the film for The Footloose Remake.

“We were fed up,” they say of their motivation behind the project, “The Hollywood remake machine was going to take another solid movie, put it through the ringer, and make a buck from a younger generation. We decided “Let’s beat them to the punch. Let’s do this remake our way.”…Originally slated to release in June 2010, director complications have pushed the release of The New Studio Remake Footloose back to 2011. Hollywood can’t make it by 2010? We can. Our fifty-four filmmaker The Footloose Remake will hit Los Angeles in June, taking the place of Paramount’s release. Let’s undermine the Hollywood remake machine.” [source]

(*looks up from filling Molotov cocktails*) Undermine Hollywood how now?  Oh. Well I guess that’s a good idea too… Anyway, you can watch the film after the jump.  As I said, it’s a pretty cool idea.  But I confess I do prefer my “amateur” films with more… scissoring.

Our Footloose Remake (Full Movie) from DaveAOK on Vimeo.