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Friday Free for All is that time of the week when I share all the neato, hilar, and weird videos that people send me, regardless of their movie relatedness.  Because it’s Friday, I’m coasting, f*ck off.

Sometimes I like to imagine myself trying to explain the Juggalo phenomenon to my grandfather, who once, when trying to understand my job asked, “So the internet… Now that’s on computers?”

So you see, grandpa, there’s this group called Insane Clown Posse, and they put on makeup and act like insane clowns and make rap music, and people really respond to that.  They respond so much that they too put on insane clown make up and make videos in their basements in which they address “the hataz.”  People dislike them because of their insane clown make up, you see, and rather than remove their make up in order to fit in, as some might deem logical, they refuse to keep things less real, and instead keep them as real as possible, by not only wearing insane clown make up, but by acting in a hostile manner.  It’s all quite logical when you think about it.

Below, a Juggalo called “The Puppet Master 503” responds to a number of haters, including “Mozart TV” and “JesusSatan07”.  He advises them that contrary to previous missives, it is actually they who might be invited to fornicate themselves.  Good show, young man.

And finally, as this clip demonstrates, it would appear that the other day’s Big Money Rustlas was actually NOT the Mad Clowns first foray in to the realm of celluloid.  This one comes from Big Money Hustlas, and features work from such luminaries as Harland Williams, the white fellow from the Jerky Boys, and the late Dolemite.  It is a compilation of six clips, including one entitled “Piss Clams.”  How colorful.

Thanks to Eric and Gino for sending these.

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