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12.03.08 22 Comments

The fifth season of Lost premieres Wednesday January 21st, and ABC just released this two-minute preview.  In it, lawyers (who are they working for???) show up at Kate’s house, demanding that she and Aaron (wait, Aaron, that was the name of that insufferable Australian bitch’s kid!!) submit to blood tests.  But Kate won’t do it!  Atta girl, Freckles!  Could the black smoke monster have something to do with this??  And what of the polar bears?? And who’s been waxing Sawyer’s chest all this time??  And how did people stranded on an island gain access to the latest fashions in designer jeans??  DAMN YOU, ABRAMS!!  YOU EXPLAIN YOURSELF RIGHT NOW!!!

Also: anyone else suspect that JJ Abrams is the real-life Ben Linus?

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