06.19.08 10 years ago 35 Comments

UPDATE: Some shrivs from Fox wanted us to take down the pictures that were here, because God forbid I advertise their crappy movie.  I like hat kitty here better anyway.

It’s a fascinating day out here in the movie blog world, folks, and it continues with fascinating pictures from the fascinating set of Amelia, Hillary Swank’s biopic of Amelia Earhardt, who in 1937 proved once and for all that chicks suck at flying.  It reminds me of the time I got pulled over by a police woman.  "They let you ladies carry guns nowadays?" I asked her.  Yup, me and the doctor who stitched up my eye had a pretty good laugh about that one.  Women, you know? 

But in all seriousness, the first woman to fly around the world and her name is "Air-heart"?  You couldn’t write that!  …*sigh*



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