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02.26.08 215 Comments

Diablo Cody Parody – Hey, I think they’re trying to make Diablo Cody seem annoying by making their parody really annoying.  Great work! (video after jump, in case the link doesn’t work)

Whoopi CriesThe View chicks complain about Whoopi’s exclusion from the hosts compilation segment of the Oscars and suck her ass for like 10 minutes until she cries.  I cried too, but only because I’m sad someone as stupid as Sherri Shephard has a job.  (Notice that when Whoopi asks her if she thinks the world is flat, she actually has to pantomime “flat”) 

Zombie Plagiarism – George Romero’s company is suing Capcom for Dead Rising, an Xbox 360 game they say is too much like Dawn of the Dead.  If zombies are suddenly subject to plagiarism laws, this will be the first of roughly fifteen hundred billion suits. 

Transporter Becomes Trilogy“Moy naime ees Chev Chelios an todoy’s da doy oy doy."  Wrong movie?  Oh. I still don’t care. 

Bourne Identity Becomes a Fourlogy – There were only three books, and director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon both promised there would only be three movies.  Damon even said jokingly that a fourth would have to be called The Bourne Redundancy.  But then a producer said, “Here’s ten million dollars, now bark like dog, faggot!”  and so he did. 

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