FilmDrunk Exclusive*: Footage of the Adorable 'Aliens' Halloween Costume (Morning Links)

*Not an exclusive, but this is one cool dad. [via Videogum]

Keanu Reeves is awesome, may only own one outfit |Film Drunk|

A Comprehensive Guide To Halloween Costumes From This Year’s TV Shows |Warming Glow|

Yes, a this is a sexy Gizmo costume. No words. |BuyCostumes|

35 Pop Culture Pumpkins For The Coolest Porches Around |UPROXX|

Bro Wanders On To High School Football Field, Begs To Be Pummeled,
Promptly Is |With Leather|

Idris Elba To Possibly Star As The Next James Bond |Smoking Section|

Jay Cutler To Grow Whiskers, Because He Is A Cat |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

A low down and dirty good time is here again |theChive|

Coco Vs. Hurricane Sandy |Buzzfeed|

Who Should Direct the New Star Wars Films? |Ranker|

The Psychology Behind Riding Out The Storm |Mental Floss|

‘Thanks For Letting Me Party In Vegas, Baby. Here, Have A Shocker.’ |The Superficial|

Paralympic Skier Josh Sundquist Wins Halloween |Daily What|

Adam Levine Will Kick Your Ass If You Call Christina Aguilera Fat |IDLYITW|

Alan Rickman Should Be In Everything |Fark|

7 Best Homemade Gadgets In Action Movies |Screen Junkies|

Hanksy: Stark & Recreation |High Definite|

Five Deities I Wouldn’t Want Running the Universe |Unreality|

Can You Name One TV Show With More “That Guys” Than HBO’s “Oz”? |Pajiba|

Miranda Kerr Named Esquire UK’s Sexiest Woman Alive—But Does She Beat Esquire US’s Mila Kunis? |Brobible|

Hurricane Sandy Twitter Power Rankings |College Humor|

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