Frotcast 168: Fantasy Oscar Draft with Matt Ufford

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This week’s guest: SB Nation‘s Matt Ufford. This week’s game: Fantasy Oscar Draft.

Combining the beginning of Fall Movie Awards Season, fantasy football draft season, and the end of our Fantasy Summer Box Office Game, we created a new Fantasy Oscar game game for Fall. Here’s how it works:

We each pick two movies and one actor. For a movie pick, you get points for any Oscar awarded or nominated to your movie. For an actor pick, you get points for any acting award or for any best picture or director award for any movie your actor is in. A movie from outside of the fall season counts double. Points are awarded as follows:

Best Picture: 200 for a nomination, 200 more for a win.

Director: 150 for a nomination, 150 more for a win.

Actor/Actress: 100 for a nomination, 100 more for a win.

Supporting Actor/Actress: 75 for nomination, 75 more for a win.

Our picks are after the jump.

In addition to our Oscar’s game, we have a brief appearance by Fake Bret, Ben gives us a health update, a Weekly Clipdown featuring more corporate speak by The Pitch, and we answer your listener questions.



George Clooney

American Hustle

Fruitvale Station


12 Years a Slave

Matthew McConaughey

The Counselor



Saving Mr. Banks

Michael F. Assbender


The Butler

Wolf of Wall Street

Forest Whitaker


Brad Pitt

Inside Llewyn Davis

Out of the Furnace


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