FilmDrunk Frotcast Episode 5 – Predators, Birdemic

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07.14.10 18 Comments

Well folks, Christmas comes early.  And when I say Christmas, I do intend to compare a new Frotcast to Jesus being born.  This week, we talk Predators, Mel Gibson and why the Jews keep trying to ruin his career, and we speak to Bobby Hacker, who, in addition to making the Cars videos, was present for the very first public screening of Birdemic: Shock and Terror, and has been documenting James Nguyen’s journey from crazy guy with fake blood on his van to cult sensation ever since.  He discusses the bartenders at Sundance holding James’ stuffed eagle for ransom over an unpaid bar tab, and we talk about what the ride has been like since then, and when we might be able to see all of this amazing footage of James Nguyen (which is arguably more interesting than the movie itself) in documentary form.  Other notes:

  • We begin with the story of a bird pooping on me yesterday and why God seemingly hath decreed all Frotcasts should start with a poop story
  • We’re up over 4,000 subscribers.  You guys must really love poop.
  • Predators talks starts at 4:50
  • Four Loko: Drink for hobos who need cheap booze AND energy. 16:09
  • Brendan talks meeting Ahnuld. 24:00
  • Bobby Hacker interview starts at 39:42




Relevant Photos and videos:
James Nguyen’s development deal check:

[picture courtesy of Brad Miska from Bloody-Disgusting via Birdemic Facebook page]

Cars 1

Cars 2

James Nguyen on Public Access:

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