Frotcast 134: Conspiracies and JFK, with Jason Dove

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This week on the Frotcast, we welcome back San Francisco comedian/bon vivant Jason Dove, who, in addition to being the holder of 17 arcade world records, is quite the JFK assassination buff. He tells about the recent event he hosted featuring Lee Harvey Oswald’s former girlfriend (who currently lives in hiding in Croatia) and the son of E. Howard Hunt, as well as offering background on competing conspiracy theories. This naturally leads to other, crazier conspiracies, such as David Icke’s Lizard Theory, Alex Jones on Piers Morgan, the hollow Earth, and the episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory about Humanzees. Jason and Brendan trade Ventura impressions. And from there? You guessed it, poop stories.

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UPCOMING SHOWS: I’ll be doing comedy at Milk Bar on January 29th as part of SF Sketchfest. Jason Dove will be at the Punchline in San Francisco on Wednesday January 16th.

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Time-stamped episode notes below, courtesy Adam.

  • 00:02:58 – Brendan kicks things off with a story about a coworker puking in the office. The guys talk about the Pyramid of Success, multi-level marketing, and shower heads. Vince reads a Reddit post involving diarrhea and a NBA mascot. Akira Kurosawa gets brought into the discussion of Vince’s farts and anal fissures,and the guys go off on a tangent about anal fracking.
  • 00:14:52 – Guest Jason Dove gets into the JFK assassination conspiracy. He talks about Lee Harvey Oswald’s role, Oswald’s girlfriend, the plot to kill Castro with a bioweapon, LBJ’s motive, the Zapruder film, George H. W. Bush’s involvement, and the CIA’s role due to the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion. Bret takes issue with conspiracy theories.
  • 00:47:30 – Jason tries to explain the Lizard People and how David Icke is involved. The conspiracy  theory gets described as a mix of V and They Live. Apparently the moon is a hollowed out planetoid housing aliens that mated with humans. The guys also talk about blood lines and secret societies.
  • 01:05:57 – Brendan and Jason do competing Jesse Ventura impersonations. Brendan asks Jason if he’s ever heard of Humanzees, and Bret brings up a George W. Bush State of the Union address where human-animal hybrids get mentioned. Vince plays of the clip of Alex Jones on Piers Morgan’s show, and his role in Charlie Sheen’s meltdown. The guys wonder why certain movements get co-opted by crazy people. They also discuss Donal Trump, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s human-animal hybrid offspring.
  • 01:40:20 – Vince reads some emails from listeners where one thinks he sat next to Chloë Moretz on a ski lift, and one has questions about a mysterious shitter at work. Jason and Vince share similar stories about Target. Vince reads a story about synthetic poop transplants and a mongoose. Jason finally concludes the Lizard People theory.