Frotcast 130: Laremy, Lacrosse Names, Hobbits, & High Frame Rates

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This week on the Frot, Laremy Legel pops in to read us some lists and we complain about The Hobbit, as well as attempt to explain the look of 48 fps. Other topics include: Christopher Walken, Bob Costas’s gun control speech, the Buzzfeed/Oatmeal feud, the lacrosse all-name team and the babycenter’s list of unusual names, and answering your questions about choosing a favorite movie and the finer points of work-dump protocol. ENJOY. (Time-stamped notes below, courtesy of Adam).

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This week we bring on Frotcast favorite Laremy Legel. Vince and Laremy share a dislike for The Hobbit, we read this year’s Lacrosse Names, talk about the Oatmeal/ Buzzfeed beef, read listener emails, and other standard Frotcast jackassery. Drunk on!

  • 00:02:38 – Vince goes into detail of what glorious things he had to eat the previous night. Brendan went to a metal concert sober. The guys start to talk about the Buzzfeed/Oatmeal feud over a rape joke that winds its way into a discussion about gun control.
  • 00:20:55 – A listener clarifies a question the guys had about moonshine from a previous episode. There’s talk about the use of Porky Pigging vs Donald Ducking. Vince plays a clip that embodies the Christopher Walken School of Acting. Vince likes pot roast.
  • 00:32:05 – Laremy joins the Frotcast starting off with some football talk before getting into The Hobbit with Vince. Both of them had issues with the film besides the running time, and they get into the 48 fps “soap opera” effect. The gang talks about some of Peter Jackson’s past non-Tolkien films.
  • 00:57:55 – As usual, Laremy comes prepared with a list: Rejected Bermanisms. The guys read off the Lacrosse All-Name Team and a list unusual baby names. Vince brings up a recent Kevin Smith post on FilmDrunk that created some outrage in the comments section. Brendan gets into the hit and miss ratio of Key and Peele skits, which leads to Bret going on a rant about comedy writing in the internet age.
  • 01:37:05 – Time for some more emails. One listener asks if there have ever been a negative side to being recognized out in public. Brendan reveals some nightmares he’s had due to involvement with the Frotcast. A listener asks about the protocol of naked dumps at work, and the guys get into stories about that one kid everyone went to school with who peed at the urinal with his pants around his ankles. The topic of favorite film versus the best film you’ve ever seen gets brought, and how some people use that to show how sophisticated they are. A new Paul Blart Presents is introduced, and one listener tries to breakdown who would win in a fight between the four Frotcast members.

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