Finnish Killer Santa Claus Loves Severed Pig Heads

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11.24.10 7 Comments

Today we’ve got a brand new, red-band trailer for Rare Exports, the Finnish killer Santa Claus movie. (Remember kids, Scandinavians are almost as awesomely crazy as the Japanese).  To recap:

American Christmas Movie:

  • A magic spell turns Tim Allen into Santa Claus.  He gets fat, grows an unshavable beard, saves Christmas, hilarity ensues.

Finnish Christmas Movie:

  • A mining company accidentally unleashes a killer Santa Claus who had been trapped deep inside a mountain for millions of years.  The Santa Claus goes on a killing rampage, until the townspeople lure him into a trap using a severed pig’s head as bait, and decide to hold him for ransom.


Directed by Jalmari Helander, opens in the US December 3rd. [via G4]

I feel like Christmas lights set to Slayer really sum up the essence of this film:

God I love that.

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