First 4 minutes of Werner Herzog/David Lynch’s ‘My Son, My Son…’

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08.23.10 12 Comments

When I heard Werner Herzog and David Lynch would be teaming up to make a movie about a man who killed his mother with a sword, I was understandably excited. Unfortunately, My Son, My Son, I Love My Dead Gay Son What Have Ye Done got even less of a theatrical release than Herzog’s criminally underseen Bad Lieutenant. (It should probably be noted that My Son also got much worse reviews).

Nonetheless, My Son hits DVD next month and in support of the release, First Look Studios sponsored a social media day where you could ask Werner a question on Twitter and he would respond via video.  I’m a little miffed he didn’t answer my question, but I’ll still post the first four minutes of My Son My Son, which was also released online in support of the DVD release.  It’s mostly Willem Dafoe’s cop character doing an impression of another cop.  So basically, an actor playing a cop acting like another cop– INCEPTION!   After the jump, Werner responds to a question about what it’s like to get shot.


In addition to famously getting shot in the belly with pellet gun during an interview, he was also shot at while filming in central America.  An experience which he describes thusly:

“Za moment eetself ist unpleasant, but zere ist a great exheeliration to being shot at unzuchsessfully.”

The camera shuts off, but Herzog goes on to say, “Eet eez much like ven I pay za hookah to make za schiesse on mein chest. Za moment eetself eez unpleasant, but za crack whore, she ist eine true poet.  Zair eez a great exheeliration to being pooped on zuchsessfully.  Oont ven I look eento za pile of poop, I see blackness.  Nuzzink. Only za cold indeeference of nature.  Ist beauteeful.”

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