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02.22.10 8 Comments

UPDATE: I moved the video after the jump because it kept autoplaying.

Much as I like Johnny Depp’s tranny Madonna makeup, I still can’t tell if Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is going to be good or a flaming pile.  It just seems like most of the fun of Alice in Wonderland is based on wordplay.  In any case, it opens March 5th and they just released this clip.  Alice, played by Mia Wasikowska, takes a bite of cake and instantly grows big and scary, which should teach the young ladies out there a valuable lesson.  Cakes are for baking, not for eating.  Also, as long as we’re having animals talk and wear people clothes, it seems like they could find a part for Lobster Dog.

Lobster dog via YourMomFanClub

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