First Footage from Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern (he hates clothes!)

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11.15.10 7 Comments

Tomorrow, Entertainment Tonight will have a full set visit with DC’s Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds, directed by Martin Campbell.  In the meantime, they made a short teaser for the segment featuring some of the first footage from the film.  Perhaps knowing that Entertainment Tonight viewers and fanboys desperate for the latest Green Lantern footage is a Venn diagram that looks like two separate circles, Ryan Reynolds takes his clothes off a lot.  Not that I’m complaining.  I honestly think it’s gayer NOT to want to see Ryan Reynolds with his shirt off.

So the suit looks a little cheesy. No one has yet been able to strike the right balance between plasticky CGI and glorified pajamas when it comes to superhero suits. But we do get a taste of some of Ryan Reynolds’ first dialog as Green Lantern:

“Let’s take our pants off and fly some planes!”

Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that.  Though mine is almost always a follow up to, “Hey, kid, you wanna get high?”

[hat tip to Examiner for the video]

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