The First Full Trailer For ‘The Double’ Looks Just As Creepy As The Teaser

It was pretty hard to tell by the first teaser trailer for The Double that it is a comedy, but now we have a much better idea thanks to the first full trailer. Directed by Richard Ayoade and starring Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska, The Double tells the story of an unremarkable office drone named Simon James, who is so lacking in charisma that his own boss doesn’t realize that he’s been with the company for seven years. But then his doppelganger James Simon shows up and everyone is immediately drawn to him, because he’s everything that Simon isn’t.

Naturally, that leads to Simon having a meltdown over the fact that James is stealing the girl that he has been in love with, and nobody else even remotely seems to realize that Simon and James look exactly alike. This is probably the most excited that I’ve been about a film adaptation of a Dostoyevsky story since Robert Ramirez made Clifford’s Really Big Movie in 2004.