First look at Jeff Bridges in Coen Bros’ True Grit

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07.08.10 17 Comments

I’ll be honest, folks: even though I’m a movie blogger and thus legally required to fan my fat face in nerdish anticipation at every story involving guys in spandex suits, I think I like Coen Brothers stories more.  On that note, here are the latest set pics (via this guy) of Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn on the set of the Coen Brothers’ remake re-adaptation of the Charles Portis novel, True Grit.  It opens Christmas Day.

That’s Hailey Steinfeld as Mattie Ross, and in this version, like in the novel, the story is told from her perspective.  Josh Brolin and Matt Damon have supporting roles.  Also, one of the characters is named “Bear Grit.”  He’s named of course for the grade of sandpaper designed for use on surfaces covered in bears.  Anyway, all of this sounds good.  But, honestly, you had me at “The Dude plays an eyepatch-wearing drunk.”

Those are the best kind of drunks.  This project earns the FilmDrunk Seal of Approval.

[set pics via this guy, who has plenty more]

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