First Pictures from Tarantino's Django Unchained (!!!)

Entertainment Weekly just broke the first pictures from Quentin Tarantino’s slave western, Django Unchained, and I know every time I write about Tarantino, someone in the comments tells me how Tarantino is a hack and how he much sucks, and how gay everyone is for liking him. Well I’d like to cordially invite those people to lick my balls because this looks amazing. All I’ve ever wanted is to combine pulpy Tarantino violence with sumptuous vests and ascots and pocket watches.Violence and period fashion! This movie has everything!

Without getting too much into Entertainment Weekly’s spoilerish rundown, the basic plot is that Jamie Foxx plays a Django, a slave freed by bounty hunter Christoph Waltz, who teaches him the tricks of the trade and helps him find his wife, Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), who ends up in a crazy place called Candyland, where a sadistic slavemaster named Calvin Candy (Leonardo DiCaprio) makes his slaves do gladiatorial-style battle.

I can’t imagine that not being great, unless Tarantino and the wizard get into some bad coke and 40 minutes of the movie ends up being Broomhilda gabbing with her girlfriends about nothing a-la Deathproof. Sidenote: Look at that ornate saddle! I wonder if the production borrowed that from Steven Seagal’s collection.

One more picture below: