Fisher Stevens Said He’s Been Contacted About A ‘Short Circuit’ Remake

It has been rumored for a while that a Short Circuit remake was in the works, because everything that was made in the 1980s must be remade or else the entire universe will collapse on itself. As of 2011, Dimension Pictures was considering one of several underwhelming directors, and last February, Short Circuit had a screenwriter in Matt Lieberman, whose only other credit is for writing Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief. Yep, that’s an actual movie title.

TMZ actually caught up with Short Circuit star Fisher Stevens [who recently directed Stand Up Guys], and he told the world’s least ambitious cameraman that he has indeed been in contact with the folks at Dimension about reprising his role as Ben Jabituya in the new story of Johnny 5. Unfortunately, TMZ wasn’t able to catch up with Ally Sheedy or Steve Guttenberg, because they’re obviously way too busy to spare a minute for anyone.

The new version of Short Circuit will also supposedly be more kid friendly, which means that they’ll tone down on the subtle 80s racism that was Stevens’ character, but they’ll hopefully still include some sort of homage to this scene from Short Circuit 2, which is among the greatest in cinema history…