FLORIDA FRIDAY: Man caught impersonating a police officer to get a Dunkin Donuts discount

Our last few Florida Fridays have been somewhat dark, so it’s nice to report one that doesn’t involve anyone getting stabbed to death over a corn dog or shot in the face over a Megan Fox joke or getting eaten by snakes or choking on cockroaches while trying to win a pet snake (phew). Today’s story is about an enterprising Pasco County man who wanted a Dunkin Donuts police discount and went so far as to wear a fake badge and holstered gun to get it.

Charles Barry, 48, was arrested yesterday for the donut shop masquerade, which he confessed to when confronted by Sheriff’s Deputies.

“I did a stupid thing! I showed a badge to get the law enforcement discount of my food,” Barry told investigators, according to a sheriff’s report. Barry, who works as a salesman at an imaging firm, added that he claimed to be a United States Marshal.

Dunkin’ Donuts workers told cops that Barry was a regular customer who “comes through the drive through and demands a police discount for his order.” Barry, the employees recalled, claimed to be a federal air marshal.

Worker Michelle Hoeltk told deputies that Barry had been “abusing his discount by coming in on the weekends with his family and demanding the discount.” She added that Dunkin Donuts managers decided to “no longer offer him the discount because of his abuse.”

When Barry showed up at Dunkin’ Donuts last Wednesday morning, a worker denied him the discount. An “irate” Barry–who was driving a Volkswagen minivan–then displayed a badge and firearm. “See I am a cop,” the 6’1’, 320-pound Barry reportedly declared.

A police surveillance operation netted Barry yesterday morning as he drove away from the Dunkin’ Donuts. Deputies seized a fake law enforcement badge from his wallet and a .38 caliber revolver from his front pocket. [TheSmokingGun]

Two things: 1, is anyone else sad that it was a VW minivan and not a Geo Metro? 2, I love the fact that there was a police surveillance operation in order to catch an illegal donut-discount getter.

Nonetheless, I applaud this man’s extreme efforts in order to secure a modest discount. In Florida, that’s called shrewd business sense. That kind of creative frugality is a rare and valuable quality. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone hires him as manager of their snake business after this.