Florida Friday: Man Shows Up Naked To Wrong House To Propose To His Girlfriend

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06.07.13 8 Comments

It’s a story as old as time – man meets girl, man and girl fall in love, man tells girl that he wants to propose to her, woman tells man where to do it, man shows up naked and man winds up in jail. And, of course, it all happens in Florida.

Twenty-two year old Casselberry (Orlando’s oddly-shaped testicle) man Thomas Edwards was arrested after homeowners found him naked inside their home, called the police and he spit on the officers when they arrived. The cops said they told Edwards to put his clothes on and that’s when he let the saliva fly, so naturally they hit him with the old stun gun.

So why, though, was Edwards naked in this random home? Because, he claims, he was planning to propose to his girlfriend and that’s the house where she told him to meet her. Edwards claimed that he arrived at the house and started getting naked on the patio so he could pop the question, because that is something that people do. One thing led to another and instead of becoming the happiest man in the world, Edwards was shot full of electricity.

And while I hate to speculate on news stories, my gut tells me that his girlfriend might not even exist at all. *spooky music*

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