Florida Friday: Man Tries To Shoot His Wife In The Face, Ends Up Breaking His Neck

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Greetings from Florida

Last Friday, as she slept in the bed that she shares with her husband, a Florida woman was awoken with what she first described to a neighbor as a punch. But it turns out that her husband, 49-year old Steven Pinel of Bradenton (think Tampa’s cousin who never wears a shirt), had actually shot her in the face, and it didn’t kill her, allowing her to escape him and flee while he tried to figure out what the hell went wrong with his gun.

“There was an issue,” Radzilowski said Sunday afternoon, not wishing to elaborate further. “All we are saying is that he had a problem with the gun and she was able to flee.”

“She told a neighbor that he had hit her in the face with the gun, but actually he had shot her and she didn’t know it because she was sleeping,” Radzilowski said. “It must have felt like a massive blow, like a punch, which is why she thought she had been hit with a blunt object.” (Via the Bradenton Herald)

That was obviously the really good news, that she survived and escaped the murder attempt, despite what the doctors referred to as “significant damage”. While we all hope that she’s able to fully recover, the even greater news is that karma quickly turned around and kicked Pinel’s teeth right down his throat.

Pinel later wrecked his vehicle in a ditch along State Road 70 near Interstate 75, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, and tried unsuccessfully to hijack the vehicle of a passerby, who stopped to offer assistance after the crash.

Witnesses said the driver of the vehicle in the ditch pointed a gun at them before the driver ran off.

“I expect there will be charges coming from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office regarding Mr. Pinel’s pointing of a gun at those people,” Radzilowski said.

Deputies arrested Pinel at 3:20 a.m. Saturday while he was walking through the Tara subdivision went of I-75. He was taken to a local hospital under guard.

The Bradenton Police Department reported Pinel likely suffered a broken neck in the accident that sent his vehicle into the ditch.

The only way that gets better is if they also found out that while he was in the ditch, a rattlesnake bit his penis off. Oh, and that awful stuff that happens in prison. That should happen, too.

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