Florida Friday: How About A Nice Story For Once?

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03.01.13 14 Comments

As UPROXX”s resident Florida expert, I need to point out that not everything that happens in my beloved state full of morons is bad. Sure, we have dogs that shoot their owners, owners that feed their dogs rum and every now and then the Earth opens up and swallows men whole. But every once in a blue moon, something happens in Florida that’s worthy of praise, and today that honor belongs to a Bradenton man named Richard Schabbacher.

First of all, if I’m ever on the news, I’d want to be known as the man who “Discovered the chickens”. That’s tombstone fodder right there. But what chickens did Schabbacher discover? Why is this even news? Get ready to “Awwwwwww” your face off.

Local authorities came to the rescue of some baby chicks that got stuck in a storm drain.

On Thursday, a mother hen frantically paced in front of the Bradenton storm drain while the dramatic rescue of her four baby chickens unfolded.

Authorities were able to get them all out. (Via ABC 7)

That’s right, it’s a chicken rescue. And even better than just a story about a guy crawling into a storm drain to rescue baby chicks, there’s also footage of the frantic mother hen. In honor of this amazing story, I hereby declare that Florida will now be referred to as “That state full of idiots and the one dude who discovered the chickens”. It’s a great day to be a Floridian.

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