Florida Friday: Man Arrested For Waving Klingon Sword In Street

Welcome back, Drunkards and Drunkettes, to another installment of Florida Friday, where we fill you in on one of the nuttiest and therefore most typical stories of the week out of the Sunshine State. Can anyone in Florida top last week’s story about Katina Collins randomly kicking guys in the balls? Well, one Ft. Lauderdale man certainly gave it a shot.

A Fort Lauderdale man named Johnnie Blade is accused of “wildly swinging” a multiple-edged, four-foot long sword used by Klingon characters on the Star Trek TV series as he stood in the middle of a residential intersection. (Via the Sun-Sentinel)

Okay, in fairness, if the guy’s name is actually Johnnie Blade, I’m going to be upset if he doesn’t have a sword.

Blade, 33, was at the 2900 block of Northwest 4th Street in Broward County near Fort Lauderdale about 9:10 p.m. Tuesday, “proudly displaying” the crescent shaped weapon to passing motorists, a Broward Sheriff’s arrest report states.

Have any of you been to Florida lately? There are people on every street corner in every city spinning signs for apartments, restaurants and pawn shops. Hell, a guy proudly displaying his Klingon sword is a nice change of pace.

“This sword…is known to loyal Star Trek fans as traditional Klingon “Bat ‘leth” or “Sword of Honor,” according to the BSO report.

And I’m guessing that he was also in possession of Bat ‘hsalts, eh fellas?

Actually, he had less than 20 grams of marijuana in his possession and it seems that he was just very drunk. I assume that’s why the judge ordered him to stay away from swords and alcohol after he posted bail. Too bad he didn’t say anything about heroin and flamethrowers, am I right, Spock?

Sorry, I just really wanted to use that GIF.