For The Person Who Has Everything, Buy These Incredibly Creepy Nic Cage Pillows

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Nic Cage pillows

I spend a lot of time searching sites like Etsy and eBay for really random crap to buy because I love wasting money on stupid things that have no actual value. But the best random merchandise of the week actually comes to us from Amazon (via my pal Chipper) as you can purchase any one of these incredibly creepy and strange Nicolas Cage pillows.

For just $15, you can rest your head next to the man who played Benjamin Gates and Ghost Rider, and in case you think that this is all just some stupid joke and nobody would actually buy these pillows, there are quite a few glowing, 5-star reviews.

As a consumate Nicolas Cage fan, I decided on a whim to purchase this pillowcase, thinking it would be funny. The pillowcase arrived quickly enough, in an unassuming, small package. I opened it up and immediately found myself compelled to wear it as a mask, putting Nicolas Cage’s face as my own. I began laughing as this mirrored in a sense, the basic idea and concept of Face/Off, one of my favorite Nicolas Cage films. Strangely, when I attempted to photograph the pillowcase, it won’t show up properly. Every attempt to photograph it results in the photo being bizarrely dimmed, as if all the light in the room was being sucked away from the pillowcase. Initially I found this a glitch in the camera I was using, and chalked it up to coincidence.

After one night of sleeping on Nic Cage pillow, pachinko dreams commenced. Any hardcore fan of Nicolas Cage knows about his extensive love of pachinko, and his many commercials filmed in Japan, expressly for pachinko companies. I have never had any interest in pachinko in my entire life, yet now I find myself thinking of it every minute of every waking day. I can’t stop thinking about pachinko, and I can’t stop holding this pillowcase, now housing my very own pillow. It comforts me, makes me believe the world is a good place. Tonight I shall rest on it again, and who knows what dreams may come?

All in all, it’s a pretty good pillowcase, but it may harbor the dark magicks of the universe that Nicolas Cage is an avatar for. I’m not sure. – Adam Popovich

If you would have told me two weeks ago that a pillow case would change my life, I would have called you a fool.

For years I struggled with insomnia. I tried all manners of treatment – sleep studies, pharmaceuticals, even a stint with alcoholism. All was for naught.

One fateful night, I was watching the FX network and the critically acclaimed film, Ghost Rider, was showing. As I immersed myself into the story, the soothing voice of Johnny Blaze (Mr. Cage’s character) lulled my weary mind to sleep. When I arose the next morning, refreshed and filled with exuberance, I knew there was something to this. Could the same effects of the evening before be repeated by exposure to this thespian?

I performed a quick Google search and to my delight, I landed upon this Amazon listing. “By George!” I thought, “This could be just the thing I need!” What better way to be whisked away to sleep by Nic Cage, than by resting my head on his face each night?

The purchase was made and I paid extra for the fastest delivery method. When my item arrived the next day, I was pleased to find it was made of high quality fabric and the image for Mr. Cage was immaculate. It’s almost as if it is his ACTUAL face.

The sleep has been perfection. The first night I dreamt of stealing the Declaration of Independence then stopped rogue marines from dropping poison gas on a sporting complex. The next night I dreamt I was a sorcerer, then foiled the plans of several felons aboard an aircraft. The list goes on and on from there.

So if you are afflicted with the unfortunate illness of insomnia, purchase this item, I promise you won’t regret it. – Zach Anderson

Got this for my friend Joe’s birthday and he’s LOVES it. Who doesn’t want to wake up to that face! Well not me but he does!!! Joe cuddles with it all night long. Sometimes late at night you can hear through the walls how much he loves it. So needless to say he is one satisfied costumer.

When there are guests over It stays on the couch so everyone can fester in their boiling jealously. Everyone loves Mr. Nic Pillow. Hes a hit at parties. Sometimes we give him shots ( its so realistic sometimes you forget hes not real), so now its starting to smell. but thats ok. It just makes it more realistic to the real Nic Cage.

I plan on getting Joe a new Nic pillow every birthday and Christmas, it shall be the greatest Nic Cage collection in all the world!!! And when the apocalypse comes and everyone is gone this pillow will be left. Fast forward 5000 years into the future archaeologist will find this pillow and they will ask themselves “Who was this man, glorious enough to be on a pillow?” and they will discover, no, not a man but a God.

Buy this pillow! – Tia

“Passion is very important to me. If you stop enjoying things, you’ve got to look at it, because it can lead to all kinds of depressing scenarios.” -Nicolas Cage


-Nicolas Cage on a Pillowcase

-Great for sleeping or sprucing up a room



-Stain resistant

-Great for parties


-Pretty average thread-count

-The eyes follow you (Pro???)

Bottom line: Excellent pillowcase, a must have for Nic Cage fans. – Nic Cage

Can you believe it? Nic Cage himself owns a Nic Cage pillow. What an incredible find. Order all 12 of yours today!

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