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09.12.07 24 Comments

Deliciously asexual reader Nick sent me these photos from the latest Dennis Rodman movie. 

The basic premise is a group of midgets enter a basketball tourney, but don't have any confidence. Rodman joins their team, they start winning, and go on to the championship.  Rodman ditches them before the championship game, at which point the midgets rise to victory.  Or should I say, stack upon one another to dunk the gamewinning basket.

For Rodman, once the peer of players like David Robinson and Scottie Pippen, this could mean joining the rarefied air of athletes who used their sports careers as springboards to even bigger things.  People like Fred Dryer, who went from defensive end to TV's Hunter; George Foreman, who went from heavyweight champion to fat-reducing grill magnate; or Alan Autry, who rose from lowly Green Bay Packers quarterback, to the role of 'Bubba' on TV's In the Heat of the Night, to the very height of superstardom as Mayor of Fresno, California.  

Advice to any actor out there:  If they offer you a role in a midget movie that doesn't have either Mini Me, the dude from Station Agent or Willow in it, pass.   

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