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03.04.10 26 Comments

It’s Thursday afternoon, and you know what that means: another Forgotten Classic.  I was reminded of today’s Forgotten Classic by Monday’s discovery of the recently completed Duke Mitchell actioner, Gone with the Pope.  The precursor to Gone with the Pope is our video for today, The Executioner, aka, Massacre Mafia Style aka Like Father Like Son.  Between the low-budget gun violence and bad suits set to lighthearted music, it’s hard not to see the influence it may have had on Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.  And Tarantino famously cut his teeth on, possibly even his first key bumps during, low-budget 70s action movies just like these.   Anyway, I love this stuff.  But having three titles is a bit confusing, no?  I say we just call it “Wops and Squibs.”

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