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08.03.09 46 Comments

I know 1993’s Surf Ninjas might be a bit of a stretch in terms of the ‘forgotten’ part of forgotten classics, since I do hear people bring it up from time to time, but the trailer is still useful as an example of the earliest record scratch sound effect in recorded history.  Most people don’t remember, but 1993 became the high-water mark of record-scratch sound effect usage, when a spunky little flick called Surf Ninjas employed the device before the trailer even began.  Most of the time in a movie trailer, some normal crap will be happening and everything will be all regular, when all of a sudden, (*RECORD SCRATCH*) the world gets flip-turned upside down and hijinks begin to ensue.  Therefore, the message of Surf Ninjas, by putting the record scratch before any of the footage, is that THIS MOVIE IS PURE HIJINKS!  THE HIJINKS BEGIN AS SOON AS YOU BUY YOUR TICKET!  COWABUNGA, DUDE, THIS ISN’T YOUR GRANDMA’S NINJA SURF RECORD SCRATCH DJ!  And yes, that was Rob Schneider in there.  He should’ve killed himself after this came out, and gone out on top.

Thanks to Justin for the tip

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