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08.31.09 34 Comments

Today’s Forgotten Classic clip comes from a 1977 film called Bruce Lee the Invincible.  It was directed by Chi Lo, which if I’m not mistaken is Chinese for “Skee-Lo,” and the title is just slightly misleading in that Bruce Lee wasn’t involved with the film in any way, and had been dead for four years when they made it. A more honest title would’ve been A Film Not Starring Bruce Lee, Who Clearly Was Not Invincible. Though that’s not very catchy. Maybe “Kung Fu Gorilla,” considering the star fights a gorilla who knows kung fu, and you’d think that would’ve been a selling point.  Also, the gorilla is wearing shoes.  Then again, if he knows kung fu, I’m not sure how much of a stretch it is for him to also know how to wear shoes.

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