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09.25.09 17 Comments

One time I was trying to explain to my grandpa, who’s 92, what I did for a living, and how I wrote for a website. We’ve had this same conversation at least six times now.  This time he just stood there thinking quietly for a second with his hands in his pockets, rocking back and forth on his shiny old-man wingtips.  Then he said, “Now the internet… That’s on computers, right?”  My point being, it’s really funny when old people don’t understand technology.  Yet, it’s even more funny when they actually use it, like Fred and Sharon here, or your mom trying to friend me on Facebook.

I’ve posted videos by Fred and Sharon, the aspiring video directors from Kelowna, British Columbia before, and I admit, I never fully doubted their seriousness.  But ever since they added this new section, “Sharon’s Celebrity Advice,” I’m not so sure.  Come clean, Fred and Sharon, are you really a sketch comedy team?  Because if so, this is better than Sacha Baron Cohen.

[Hat tip to Videogum]

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