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12.08.09 26 Comments

I’ve been featuring filmmakin’ Canadians Fred and Sharon on Filmdrunk since March of 2008, and all along I figured they had to be some sort of improv troupe or publicity stunt.  They’re just too good to be true.  I mean, I know they’re Canadian, but still.  But so far, as far as I or anyone else can tell, they are indeed real and not kidding (at least not to the extent we thought).  Recently they took on the Tiger Woods incident, and by took on, I mean made a really weird video about.  I’ll say this for it, CGI Fred does a way better job of capturing Tiger Woods than Kenan Thompson.  The voice is dead on.

When they’re not making movies, I imagine Fred and Sharon riding around in Rooster and Trish’s Neverending Story van.

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