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07.31.08 29 Comments

It appears that Freddie Prinze Jr. has retired from acting, at least temporarily, after… wait for it… landing a gig as a writer for the WWE.  A moment of silence while I light a candle and pop in my Summer Catch DVD, please.

"Bringing on board an experienced Hollywood writer, actor and producer like Freddie Prinze, Jr. will only increase the level of entertainment to millions of viewers and passionate WWE fans every Monday on USA," said Chris McCumber, Executive Vice President, Marketing Digital & Brand Strategy, USA Network. [WWE:Inside]

Prinze has already worked with the WWE as a blogger with their Fan Nation site, and is a reportedly a huge fan of the WWE, which doesn’t surprise me. He’s always seemed like the kind of guy that sleeps in a racecar bed.  They should do a cage match between him and Ryan Seacrest, both in their Spider-Man underwear, winner gets the loser’s Fruit Roll-ups.  Loser has to kiss a girl on the mouth.

Thanks to Burnsy for the tip 

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