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12.12.08 28 Comments

One could be forgiven for thinking Parkour is some gay French nonsense where people run up some stairs and call it a sport.  But watch District B-13 once and you’ll immediately recognize its action-movie potential (I’ve included a chase scene below).  The news here that there’s a sequel for District B-13 coming out in February, tentatively title Banlieue-14, or Banlieue-13: Ultimatum.  I hope the guy who edited the trailer didn’t edit the movie, because it’s looking very quick-cut Bourney (not to mention the obvious similarity in title).  Note to all aspiring filmmakers out there: if you have a chick with knives on her ponytail in your movie (1:33 of the trailer above), don’t edit the crap out of it – that’s something we actually want to see.  Trust me, the appeal of these movies is awesome stunts with relatively simple camera work, not that the footage is perfectly cut to the drum beat of a techno jam. In fact, the only people who like techno are assholes and… Uh… Yeah, I guess it’s pretty much just assholes.

I was totally waving around my dick with a glow stick taped to it for that entire sequence. oo-tse oo-tse oo-tse oo-tse oo-tse oo-tse oo-tse oo-tse

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