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04.18.08 17 Comments

Friday Free for All is a regular feature on FilmDrunk in which I post random videos from around the world, similar only in their awesomeness. Send your tips to, and no, I’m not going to post your boyfriend’s hilarious 12-minute, shot-for-shot parody of The Bourne Identity.

Today’s clip, believe it or not, comes from actual movie, called A Crack in the Floor, starring none other than Gary Busey and A.C. Slater. In it, Busey delivers an Oscar-worthy monologue about his “mangy old maggot-eating stray dog” who had his way with some chickens. “Would you like to snap one of em’s neck?” he asks.  “The minute they die?  You can smell the rabies leave their body.  It’s spectacular.”

(Clip after the jump)

Then he advises the girl to use a dead chicken wing as a suppository.  “When she farts, it’ll smell like Southern fried chicken,” he tells her boyfriend.  After that, Busey was no longer allowed to improv. 

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