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06.12.09 12 Comments

Friday Free For All is that time of the week when I post videos that may or may not be timely, newsworthy, or relevant.  Because only communists work hard on Friday.  Send your tips to

Today’s clip is a compilation of scenes from the under-remembered classic Dinosaur Island, which doesn’t appear to have any dinosaurs, just lots of boobs.  It was directed by Fred Olen Ray, whom you remember from the equally awesome Biohazard.  He also directed The Girl with Sex-Ray Eyes, which just went on my Netflix queue. [via EverythingisTerrible]

SUPER MEGA BONUS VIDEO ACTION!  After the jump, check out two Russian (maybe?) guys on the Russian (maybe?) version of America’s got talent.  I’m pretty sure it’s not real, but it is pretty awesome.

[Via GorillaMask]

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