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03.12.10 22 Comments

Friday Free for All is that time of the week I reserve for the funny, amazing, and/or awesomely stupid videos people send me that aren’t necessarily movie related.  Sometimes I post them without this disclaimer and people say “Dood, how is this movie related?!”  I hate that.

Today’s Friday Free for All is the new (NSFW for language — you’ll be fine if you don’t walk around your office bumping it on a ghetto blaster) video for comedian/performer Reggie Watts’ “F*ck Sh*t Stack”.  Reggie Watts wears a flannel shirt and has a big bushy beard and giant hair (shockingly, he lives in Brooklyn), and I suspect that this is actually a high-minded satire about materialism and sexism in rap music.  But I choose to enjoy it mainly for the chorus, which is about stacking “sh*t” on top of “f*ck.”  Haha, I love you, gratuitous swearing.  …I miss you, gratuitous swearing.

BONUS COOL THING:  This database of screenshots of old film titles is pretty cool.

[Totally unrelated picture via LATFH, Video via @Braunger]

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