Frotcast 104: Prometheus, Juggalos, and Twihards with David Gborie

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This week on the Frotcast, David Gborie, one of my favorite San Francisco comics, drops by the Frotquarters to talk about the dangers of growing up with Juggalos, whether or not “ninja” is racist, and our favorite novelty t-shirts from the nineties. Other topics include a Twilight cat attack, a heated discussion of Prometheus and the ins and outs of 3D, the meaning of “YOLO” and the return of the Existential Buffoon, and whether Samuel L. Jackson is the black Al Pacino (or vice versa, I can’t remember).

SPOILER DISCLAIMER: We talk Prometheus pretty in-depth from 50 to 1:14, so if you don’t want to hear that, go ahead and skip that part.

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