Frotcast 105: The Saga of director Bob Ray and his 'I AM A LAWYER!" commercial


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I should have guys like Bob Ray on the Frotcast more often. No one else made a video teaser for their own Frotcast appearance. Anyway, you may remember Bob as the director of Total Badass, a great film that won him a modest amount of acclaim and zero money or meetings (but you can now order the DVD or stream it online). But more recently, he directed a commercial for Austin lawyer Adam Reposa, which quickly went viral after being featured on this very website. Since then, Reposa has had a reality-show producer following him around, was the subject of a local news segment, and he and Bob had disagreements over the content of the commercial (the first one was nixed by the Bar Association, presumably for being too awesome), which led to even more amazing commercials (all relevant video included below).

Bob explains the whole saga, then Laremy drops by to talk Brave and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (sorta). Also, we read listener voicemails about sleep apnea and listen to your voicemails about how the Frotcast helped you have gay sex (we couldn’t be prouder, and I mean that).

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Here’s the original commercial Bob made for Reposa:

You have no idea how much it bugs me that the YouTube clip’s “as seen on…” text doesn’t say FilmDrunk. Grrr.

Here’s the local news story from Austin about Adam Reposa. If he hasn’t already ingratiated himself enough to the FilmDrunk audience, he was once found in contempt for making a dismissive wanking motion during the prosecution’s argument: