Frotcast 118: Dredd 3D, Real Sports Smarm, Laremy Lists, Mike from Tall Tale

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This week on the Frotcast, we bring in PLATINUM LIVE FROTCAST SPONSOR Mike Eisenberg from Tall Tale Productions to talk his current filmmaking business and past as a minor league baseball player, Laremy drops by for lists, and we’ve got clips galore. Excuse me, I mean the FilmDrunk Live Frotcast Brought to you by Tall Tale Productions.

Topics Include:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger workout tapes set to 80s classics
  • Collective Soul Cat
  • Clips from the latest HBO Real Sports, featuring King of Smarmy Old White Outrage, Bernie Goldberg
  • Dredd 3D (which Laremy and I both saw and loved – review to come)
  • Trouble with the Curve, which Laremy saw, and is apparently about Clint Eastwood yelling at his penis (true story).
  • The new Mystikal classic, “Bullsh*t”


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(Trouble with the curve)

(Stitches, from Tall Tale Productions).

Mr. Eisenberg also made this flyer, so you know he got skills. Skillz. $killz. Whatever.