Frotcast 126: Joe Sinclito Movie Pitches, LAX Bros & Skyfall

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Hooray, it’s everyone’s favorite time of the week! New Frotcast time! This week, we brought on Joe Sinclitico (the comedian formerly known as Joe King) to give us that feeling of fear mixed with delight and anticipation that we get every time Joe opens his mouth. On the space docket this week: our new favorite news personality, GustAHvo Alma-DOE-var (see below), Peter Dante and the epic existential buffoonery of his LAX bro video, Skyfall, Lincoln, Joe’s movie pitches (such as “Dalai Lamas,” starring Lorenzo Lamas and his special needs son who’s the reincarnation of Tibetan royalty), and how Taylor Lautner seems like a malfunctioning robot. No rules, just right. (What? That is an original slogan that I came up with on my own).

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