Frotcast 14: Eastbound & Down, Centurion, 30 for 30

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09.16.10 33 Comments

This week on the Frotcast, we talk to Jeff Seibenick, a FilmDrunkard who happens to be the editor of Eastbound and Down and the Sarah Silverman Show, as well as a member of Danny McBride’s “North Carolina Mafia.”  We find out why those bastards at Comedy Central canceled the Sarah Silverman Show, AND learn that Danny’s favorite technical direction is “Make it more rock ‘n roll.”  [Interview starts at the 57-minute mark (-38:25)]

We also squeezed in some discussion of Centurion (snooze), the recent trend towards poetry slamming in ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentaries, and of course, O.D.B.   I think Brendan had the call of the night, when, after I spent all yesterday afternoon coming up with dumb titles for Kevin James’ upcoming MMA-saves-the-rec-center movie, he threw out “Paul Blart: Mall Cro-Cop.”  Enjoy.

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